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I have been in Information Technology for 20 years. I have done front-end, middle-tier, and database design and coding as well as project management. In recent years, I dedicated myself to customer, partner, and vendor integrations in service industries. I am currently focused on Business Intelligence for a great medical devices manufacturer. You'll see posts about OOD, coding design patterns, Cloud Implementations, Advanced SQL strategies, Business Intelligence (BI), Agile practices, and IT management strategies. Please know that, although the content on this site draws from my professional experience, none of the content in this site reveals any information about current or past clients or employers. Here is something I really care about in my profession: building communication channels and trust across functions and organizations to get things done. That is a theme that you'll see throughout my posts as well.


My notes for Standing up a Data Management Program

I started out considering MDM, but then… I truly believe that the process is going to be the big differentiator in the Data Management space in IT. The technology will just aid the process. Actually, the process can commence before… (READ MORE)

Data Management

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Get that Free Profile Data Into Your Database

so you can report off of it. Note: I actually profile my Databases completely different than what is presented here, but this information might be useful to someone else. If you have Microsoft SSIS, then you can take advantage of… (READ MORE)

Data Management

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Elephant Carpaccio for Business Intelligence

Nope. This post is not about Hadoop. It’s about agile – about how I learned some of agile’s key principles and about how to apply agile to the work of Business Intelligence. In 2009 I attended an agile hands-on workshop… (READ MORE)

Business Intelligence, Most Popular

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SSRS Review

Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, the time-tested heavyweight is a low-cost solution but its mobile capabilities are lacking. I built a career around this tool, so here’s my long over-due honest review. The product has gone unchanged in the last… (READ MORE)

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How to Solve the “Wrong Level of Grain” Problem in SQL

In late 2007, two insurance industry collegues brought me into a problem they were having with an SSRS report which listed properties. They wanted to show a count of properties as well as note information for each property. Because each… (READ MORE)

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Operations Management Science For Your Company

Your company could take quantum leaps toward its growth targets if some of the latest operations management science tools were brought in and applied. This does not mean a replacement of any current operations processes or personnel, but only the… (READ MORE)


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A Framework for Self-Service Business Intelligence

In the information age, competitive advantage comes from making business sense of vast amounts of data. Departments demand Business Intelligence for specific local needs that may not be offered by a central enterprise BI team. How do we begin to… (READ MORE)

Business Intelligence

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Query On-Prem Datasets from the Power BI Cloud

Here are some notes for connecting Power BI to Analysis Services. Thanks to Microsoft for the helpful presentation on 3/4/2015. Cloud-based BI allows businesses to start doing BI quicker with little to no overhead. One obstacle has been negotiating the… (READ MORE)

Business Intelligence

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How to Refresh Roambi Reports With SSRS Subscriptions

SSRS is good with parameters, various data sources, subscriptions, and linked reports. But highly responsive and interactive reports (especially on a mobile device) is not what SQL Server Reporting Services is good at. The online BI tool, Roambi, however is… (READ MORE)

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Innovation in Healthcare – Increasing Access

In Innovator’s Prescription, Clayton Christensen demonstrates how products and services evolve in a way that makes technology available to people. Granting access to technology to people who previously did not have access to it constitutes a disruption to traditional providers… (READ MORE)

Health Care

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Creating Value in Vendor Negotiations

I traditionally considered negotiating as a somewhat selfish act with the simple goal of maximizing what I could get out of a deal while minimizing what the other party could get. This actually may be the best one can hope… (READ MORE)

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