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My notes for Standing up a Data Management Program

I started out considering MDM, but thenā€¦ I truly believe that the process is going to be the big differentiator in the Data Management space in IT. The technology will just aid the process. Actually, the process can commence before… (READ MORE)

Data Management

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Get that Free Profile Data Into Your Database

so you can report off of it. Note: I actually profile my Databases completely different than what is presented here, but this information might be useful to someone else. If you have Microsoft SSIS, then you can take advantage of… (READ MORE)

Data Management

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How to Solve the “Wrong Level of Grain” Problem in SQL

In late 2007, two insurance industry collegues brought me into a problem they were having with an SSRS report which listed properties. They wanted to show a count of properties as well as note information for each property. Because each… (READ MORE)

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Transformation Pattern with SQL, XML and CROSS APPLY

You don’t have to live with the repeated pain of transforming xml to rowset values when you need data from xml data stores. You also don’t need to transform and copy the data to relational databaseĀ tables in MS SQL Server… (READ MORE)

Data Management, Most Popular

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