Operations Management Science For Your Company


Your company could take quantum leaps toward its growth targets if some of the latest operations management science tools were brought in and applied. This does not mean a replacement of any current operations processes or personnel, but only the addition of some (small, yet significant) management tools.

In particular, an operations manager with special training could apply linear programming algorithms to solve common warehousing and shipping optimization problems. Some examples are listed below.

  • Worker Scheduling
  • Seeing how total cost is affected by varying purchasing / storing / shipping requirements
  • Calculating order quantity given uncertain demands
  • Providing decision support systems for selecting among a variety of supply chains, or for selecting among a variety of storage solutions
  • Multi-period production models for the short run and long run
  • Understanding origin and destination implications in transportation problems
  • Optimizing production and storage capacity to achieve lowest inventories
  • Solving shortest path problems


What might this look like at your company?
Step 1: The right person could build **and test** computer models for such problems and subsequently train others to use the models.

Step 2: This one could teach others the craft of building the models (no math degree required) so that they in turn can build them without the teacher.

Step 3: A small software team could integrate the use of the models with the company’s existing management workflow and software.

Step 4: A matured management science practice would then equip your company to continue its ascent in the warehousing, shipping, manufacturing or [name of your industry] industry.

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