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Elephant Carpaccio for Business Intelligence

Nope. This post is not about Hadoop. It’s about agile – about how I learned some of agile’s key principles and about how to apply agile to the work of Business Intelligence. In 2009 I attended an agile hands-on workshop… (READ MORE)

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SSRS Review

Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, the time-tested heavyweight is a low-cost solution but its mobile capabilities are lacking. I built a career around this tool, so here’s my long over-due honest review. The product has gone unchanged in the last… (READ MORE)

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A Framework for Self-Service Business Intelligence

In the information age, competitive advantage comes from making business sense of vast amounts of data. Departments demand Business Intelligence for specific local needs that may not be offered by a central enterprise BI team. How do we begin to… (READ MORE)

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Query On-Prem Datasets from the Power BI Cloud

Here are some notes for connecting Power BI to Analysis Services. Thanks to Microsoft for the helpful presentation on 3/4/2015. Cloud-based BI allows businesses to start doing BI quicker with little to no overhead. One obstacle has been negotiating the… (READ MORE)

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How to Refresh Roambi Reports With SSRS Subscriptions

SSRS is good with parameters, various data sources, subscriptions, and linked reports. But highly responsive and interactive reports (especially on a mobile device) is not what SQL Server Reporting Services is good at. The online BI tool, Roambi, however is… (READ MORE)

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